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How we can help

  • We bridge the gap between an existing segmentation and the product, marketing and communications team. Our in-depth needs analysis identifies the rich, textural insights which can inspire new innovation and campaign opportunities.
  • We help drive a differentiated and relevant proposition by understanding the emotional and functional space the brand occupies.
  • If you are looking to develop new products, we work to capture the nuanced details of consumers’ emotional wants and frustrations to identify areas for innovation.
  • Our approach to build creative communication strategy taps into the audience’s needs in the context of culture and drives impact.


Culture Mapping

Corona and new culturally relevant spaces

Corona’s challenge was to define a bigger, more culturally relevant definition of its brand territory ‘outside’. Our study identified new culturally relevant spaces by combining academic thinking on biological evolution with the popular, emerging narrative on social media. We used ethnography and photojournalism to explore these spaces.

We identify cultural narratives, contexts, and white spaces to map and unlock the cultural territories relevant to the category and brand. The client identifies a cultural space they’re looking to explore (e.g. ‘modernity’, ‘beauty’, ‘premium’) and we apply social listening, content analysis, semiotics, ethnography, and expert interviews to explore the space.

Needs Identification

Understanding consumers’ needs for Unilever

Unilever’s goal was to ensure an exhaustive and high number of insight-rich need territories to develop a pipeline of new bath and body products. We gathered open-ended survey data from a large representative sample of users to identify over 40 new spaces.

We use consumers’ needs to identify innovation territories for early-stage and late-stage product development, brand development and brand positioning. We quantitatively map category need spaces using an industry-leading, innovative NLP and machine learning approach. By using survey-based open ended questions and large samples to stretch and size consumers’ need opportunities, we generate rich human insights around each territory.

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