Life at BAMM

We offer exciting job opportunities for both freelancers globally and full time staff in New York and London.

Why Work at BAMM

Two cities, one team

We offer an exciting opportunity to be part of one exciting team, spanning both London and New York. Our core value is ‘never let anyone down’ and we believe it. Our team prides itself on being able to work together to solve challenging, global briefs. We are looking for people with a desire to share the success.

Immersion into Global Culture

Our team all share one passion – how people differ globally. We offer exciting opportunities to both travel in and learn from a wide diversity of cultures spanning the whole world.

The home of Visual Thinking

We are constantly pushing ourselves to think through new ways in which we can develop the Visual Thinking idea. As the world continues to communicate more visually, we will continue to think for creative, innovative ways in which to express our thinking in visual ways. Our hands aren’t tied by existing media formats. It’s up to us to define our own visual future.

An Exciting Future

BAMM have developed a unique positioning within the research industry. Global communication is increasingly visual and we are at the heart of that movement. We offer the chance to share in a unique, inspiring vision for how BAMM can build on that opportunity.


We do internships a bit differently

Rather than arriving to find you’re the coffee machine, delivery person and filing machine rolled into one, we’d like to help make personal projects happen. We’re looking to run four internships a year, for about a month each.

A real project

And rather than bringing people in on a general support role, we thought: why not get people to run their own mini-project while they’re with us? It’s a great opportunity to learn the ropes with a real project on something you’re passionate about, and a fantastic asset to put on your CV and to talk about with prospective employers.

Full support

We’ll give you full support throughout the process, from shaping the proposal and funding, through to delivering the outputs (e.g. written research debrief or film documentary)


If you’ve got an idea you’d like to get involved, then please submit an outline of your approach and objectives (not more than 1 side of A4) to
We’ll continually review all the submissions and choose the people who’ve written the most interesting, engaging project ideas and invite you in for a chat.

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Say hello to Anthony, Ed, Matt, Tom, Glenn, Nathalie, Jim, Ria, Kelly, Peter, Sophie, Hartley, Momo, Emily and Lindsey. Find out more...

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