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Who provides growth?

How we can help

  • We identify the most profitable spaces for a new, relevant and differentiated proposition.
  • For niche brands, we find new pockets of development beyond the existing audience in order to build on the brand’s existing proposition and strengths.
  • For existing brands, BAMM works on mapping the new category and consumer landscape to focus on new growth opportunities.
  • On the product side, we develop a category and innovation strategy that maps into the most valuable untapped product needs.
  • We define the portfolio strategy by ensuring each brand across the portfolio is focused on the most relevant audience, with minimal cannibalization. We build communications strategy using the needs, emotions, and behaviors of the audiences that will drive growth.


Market Opportunity Mapping

Prioritizing investment for Wikimedia

BAMM works with the Wikimedia Foundation’s strategic marketing team across a number of studies, helping to inform where, how, and who to invest against to increase readership, editing, and donations. The work guides their global market investment decisions, brand strategy, product and UX development, and marketing activities.

We conduct drivers-based market sizing and forecasting to identify and prioritize growth opportunities. Our approach blends 3rd party driver data with 1st party data to size and contextualize opportunities, in a multi-phased, multivariate approach. We flex data science techniques depending on data availability and quality, and use innovative machine learning approaches where needed (e.g. around data gaps)

Audience Profile

Exploring consumers’ interest in plant-based beverages for Coca-Cola 

Coca-Cola wanted to explore the plant-based dairy category across global markets with a focus on plant-based milk. We used exploratory qualitative research to dig into needs, drivers, barriers, benefits, and occasions around consumption of plant-based milk. Then, we used quant to identify the opportunities amongst this audience for future product innovation. 

We explore consumer’s attitudes, opinions, motivations, emotions and behaviors, to drive brand positioning, innovation, post-launch product/service development, and/or marketing communications. Our standard approach uses a mix of qualitative (mainly digital ethnographies) and survey-based research approaches, often supported by social listening and content analysis (depending on audience definition, project needs and scope).

Audience Segmentation

Driving innovation for FujiFilm through segmentation

Fujifilm’s Instax needed a deeper understanding of which global audiences to focus on for future growth. Our study is the foundation of Instax’s successful product & marketing strategy, and is driving the innovation pipeline, the brand proposition, and creative & communications, at both a global and local level.

We prioritize, profile, and bring-to-life segments based on category needs, behaviors and/or attitudes. We drive product or service development, marketing and communications strategy. Our standard approach uses a unique blend of robust quantitative research and machine learning, with rich, humanizing ethnography and photojournalism. Where needed we have the capability to run hybrid segmentations (using a mix of customer database data and surveys).

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