Diversity Manifesto


BAMM is committed to achieving and promoting diversity both within the company and across the industry as a whole. The following outlines our key commitments to diversity:

1 Show Respect

‘Show Respect’ is one of our 4 central values and is designed to support diversity, specifically the language and behaviour we adopt within the workplace. This includes ensuring we are non-judgemental to diverse life choices and welcome different opinions across the team.

2 Openness and Communication

We are committed to promoting openness and diversity within the workplace by seeking to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and by encouraging individual contribution and development within the organisation.

3 Regular Evaluation

We run biannual Diversity Audit Assessments — a questionnaire that is sent to the whole team followed by an open discussion forum — to evaluate how successful we are in upholding our diversity policy and to identify areas of improvement.

4 Equal Pay

We check market rates every time we recruit, and during every pay review, across all levels within BAMM, to ensure we are paying people in line with their level of responsibility, rather than their gender, race, age or background.

5 Fair Pay

We commit to paying everyone — from full-time employees to interns — at least the London Living Wage.

6 Career Development

Recruitment and career development decisions are made on the basis of fair and objective criteria, particularly focusing on the skills and experience required for the position. We actively welcome a variety of perspectives within the company, whilst remaining true to our company values. We are implementing measures to ensure we avoid unconscious biases throughout the recruitment process.

7 Diversity in Suppliers

We commit to working with our partners and suppliers — whether fieldwork agencies, research suppliers or recruitment partners — to help them improve their policies and practices around diversity.

8 Positive Impact

We commit to including a diverse and representative mix of research participants within our projects in order to positively influence the advertising and communications that we are helping our clients to create.

9 Diversity Taskforce

We are an active member of a wider industry Diversity Taskforce, with an objective to increase the representation of BAME employees and employees from a low socio-economic background within the research, communications and creative industries.

10 Outreach

BAMM is an official partner of Inspire! and, as one of the few founding members of their Supporters Network, will be working with them to host work experience students throughout 2020. Inspire! is a local education charity working in the London Boroughs of Hackney, Camden and Islington. It aims to improve young people’s access to the world of work, raise achievement levels, enhancing their future career prospects and lives.