BAMM’s Commitment to Sustainability


BAMM is committed to improving its sustainability as a business specifically in regards to environmental impact. We recognise that we can never be perfect but by implementing small changes across the organisation we aim to become less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution.

1 We will have a team dedicated to assessing and improving our environmental impact with regular meetings and updates to the business.


2 We will minimise the amount of travel we do by assessing whether any trip (client meeting, fieldwork, etc.) is necessary, what benefit it provides and whether this justifies the environmental impact.

3 Where we can do so without compromise on the quality of our work, we will choose local researchers and creatives.

4 We will always seek the most environmentally-friendly travel option, even if it involves higher cost. Where feasible, we will choose to take the train rather than fly; to use public transport rather than cars; to walk or cycle rather than use motorised transport.

5 We will measure and offset any flights that are required for the business, through reputable and credible suppliers.


6 We will minimise the environmental impact of our workplace by reducing waste and energy consumption (including our digital footprint), and promoting/facilitating recycling.

7 Where possible, we will use recycled materials (e.g. toilet paper, printer paper) and reconditioned/refurbished products (e.g. furniture, technology) in order to reduce demand for new production.

8 We will minimise use of non-recyclable/single-use plastic in the office environment.

9 We will limit our use of consumables (e.g. paper, ink) with a digital-first policy.

10 We will reduce the impact of our hardware (computers, hard drives, camera kit) wherever possible by choosing to repair rather than replace, and always sending obsolete hardware for re-sale or appropriate recycling.


11 We will look to promote individual responsibility for sustainability through education and knowledge sharing.

12 Where possible, we will encourage our partners (suppliers and clients) to make more sustainable choices, particularly when it comes to travel.