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When to influence?

How we can help

  • We help create a brand’s consumer experience by identifying where and how consumers are influenced in their brand interactions and buying modes. We inform brand building, down funnel, and post-purchase strategies.
  • We improve conversion by uncovering the micro-needs, emotional expectations, and behaviors consumers experience in their journey.
  • We build an overall touchpoint strategy by mapping the detailed (and often unspoken) needs, emotions and behaviors for one or more specific touchpoints.
  • We explore brand touchpoints such as a new technology or platform. Our understanding of consumers’ expectations and micro-needs fuels strategy and tactics.



Shaping behavior for Starbucks 

Starbucks wanted to understand how to increase purchasing through its app and its relationship with Uber Eats. We conducted an ethnographic study to map the journey and quantitative survey to size the opportunities. Starbucks used our insights to design marketing communications and promotions activities to increase app-based purchasing. 

We help clients design human-centric marketing touchpoints that shape desired behaviors. We understand influences, context and emotions on consumers’ category behavior to improve customer and communication experience and increase loyalty. We combine ethnographic research, quantitative research and, where available, behavioral data analysis. Using this data, we reveal the journeys consumers take to a sale, and the emotional and functional drivers and barriers within those journeys.  

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