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How to optimize?

How we can help

  • We test concepts and language to develop a more consumer-centric brand proposition.
  • We help build products or services by developing and co-creating from initial concepts all the way through to near-final prototypes.
  • We use the latest thinking in behavioral science to identify and map the energy in creative campaigns to optimize cut-through and increase the likelihood to buy.
  • At the heart of our approach is a proprietary consumer approach that elicits emotional responses to stimulus in natural and engaging ways.



Creating cut-through for News Corporation 

News Corporation needed advertising that has high cut-through, and made a clear case that quality, deeply reported, original journalism is worth paying for. We provided clear and structured feedback and gave the News Corporation creative team time to make minor adjustments to the concepts before roll-out.

This tool enables agile / real-time testing of late-stage creative concepts with quick result turnaround thus increasing market predictability of communication campaigns. We use a qual / quant approach. We use our open-ended survey based on 7 key metrics for communication effectiveness, to capture responses to concepts and creative assets. We are able to analyze the data to identify how the campaign is meeting objectives and development opportunities.


Testing concepts for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola faces an ongoing challenge of how to fine-tune product concepts at launch-phase, in a quick and cost effective way. Using PopShop over a year, as an always-on resource, we are able to brief, test and report back both qualitative and quantitative results to a range of key organoleptics and brand concept metrics, quickly. 

BAMM’s proprietary pop-up research concept, located in the consumer’s world. PopShop is a multi-use venue for idea generation and concept screening with a human-first approach to increase market predictability of innovation product testing. We test reactions to new products and concepts in situ – capturing both qualitative and quantitative responses to stimulus and organoleptics. PopShop delivers grounded insights on consumption occasions and motivations driving beverage consumption. 

Gallery Groups

Product Innovation

Absolut was entering the competitive and growing spirit and mixer Ready-to-Drink (RTD) category in the USA. We created a clear strategic framework using consumer input for the packaging to ensure it’s built on premium and innovation cues. Absolut successfully launched the product in the USA and leveraged the category opportunity for a premium alternative to Flavored Alcoholic Beverages.

Creative Development

Aptamil was looking to develop a campaign platform that would help it to stand out from the crowd. Using the input from gallery groups and focus groups, the work was a huge success and allowed Aptamil to identify the strongest positioning and the most effective creative direction for the brand.

Local Market Execution

LinkedIn needed a value proposition which is globally relevant and built on tailored emotional and functional benefits for users. We defined and helped roll out the new value proposition with key stakeholders across the globe. We united the organization behind a single user offer which acted as a catalyst for communications and product development.

Across product innovation, creative development, and local market execution, we use proprietary approaches to generate new ideas and develop concepts to inform brand, strategy and creative decisions. Based around a collaborative workshop setting, we work intensely with consumers to identify breakthrough ideas. Our standard approach uses a workshop format and includes recording System 1 and System 2 responses separately, followed by a co-creation session. We make ideas more successful by developing and co-creating them with consumers.

Digital Galleries

Refreshing Sauve’s communications and positioning

Suave was looking to develop new communications for a refreshed value positioning around “no bullshit beauty”. Our agile, visual process provided a fast read on people’s initial reactions to the work, and surfaced an essential truth: the enemy of beauty products is unrealistic advertising not over-promise. Our insights teased out the winning campaign which became one of their most successful marketing campaigns to date.

Digital Galleries is used to test a wide range of creative concepts (including video, print, audio, digital) from seed ideas to full concepts. We use research to select and optimize a number of communications ideas / concepts based on specified criteria. Our approach uses a qualitative and quantitative online approach to communications and content testing, separating System 1 and System 2 responses to provide a more nuanced understanding of how communications are received individually and within a social context.

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