Next Gen audience understanding

Shaping the global future for Android

At BAMM we believe in partnership and love a strategic challenge.

R/GA, BAMM and Google Android together shaped a new global positioning for Google Android. BAMM conducted a strategic exploration of Android’s next generation audience – in person and in context – to make sense of the complex human and cultural dynamics of GenZ.

The work was conducted across 4 markets (US UK, Germany and Japan) with long-form ethnographic approaches paired with material and digital cultural analysis. The findings are central to the new Android positioning with a clear articulation of the iOS/Android distinction. The result was the identification of a new territory which led to the development of new  product development and comms. 

Alcohol Gen Z Style

Positioning RTDs in Latin America for the Coca Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) recently launched a range of RTD alcoholic brands across Latin America. TCCC engaged BAMM to understand how to strategically and distinctively position their RTD brands in key LATAM territories with Gen Z as the core target.

BAMM designed a digital approach with mobile diaries and a series of online activities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Product innovation workshops pushed the development of RTD brands in each market.

The outcome was the development of a set of strategic insights across each territory to create distinct identities and equities for each brand across the category. This informed TCCC’s marketing and approach for each territory including the key moments/recruitment opportunities for RTDs to replace beer.

Community Centres

Redefining retail strategy for Nike

As part of its overall retail strategy, Nike EMEA wanted to drive the growth of its Unite stores: a retail concept designed to reflect and connect local communities around Europe. Nike commissioned BAMM to help optimize the store concept for the future through a deeper understanding of emerging shopper needs.

BAMM developed a qual/quant approach to uncover customers’ perceptions and experiences in the moment – using a combination of pre-arranged interviews and store intercepts before, during and after their visit. Conducted in stores across UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, it provided a robust set of data alongside qualitative observations which enabled the team to identify opportunities for improvement across the estate.

BAMM delivered clear recommendations on the optimisation of the store concept, covering everything from location, value and range, through to articulating the more intangible elements of the store proposition, such as inclusivity, sustainability and community.

Not Going Out

Capitalizing on Augmented Home Entertainment with Pernod Ricard

In post-pandemic 2022 the home became a prominent stage for conviviality, as people emerged into post-pandemic life – re-calibrating the on-trade/off-trade equation and opening up a rich opportunity territory for Pernod Ricard.

Pernod Ricard partnered with BAMM to articulate the underlying cultural drivers of Augmented Home Entertainment change. Over a period of 4 months, we conducted two phases of research in the UK, US, Mexico, South Africa, China and India. Phase 1 involved Trend Expeditions, Expert Interviews and Desk Research. Phase 2 involved digital and in-person ethnographies and strategic workshops.

BAMM’s work defined key archetypes and their motivations; identified innovation opportunities for its spirits portfolio and business units; shaped the direction of new educational, product and brand experiences.

Rituals speak louder than words

Transcending language with the McDonald’s Raise your Arches Campaign

McDonald’s, once maligned, is now a much loved part of the fabric of UK society. In its universality lay the challenge. How could McDonald’s articulate a single-minded brand truth that would resonate across audiences and occasions?

Through sensitively analyzed Mobile Ethnography, BAMM identified a common ritual ‘hidden in plain sight’: the nod, the word, the subtle entreaty which perfectly communicates ‘Fancy a McDonald’s’ whether ‘getting a Maccies’ at the end of the night or a cheeky Drive Thru on the way home from football.

This insight directly informed a highly engaging and successful brand platform.
BAMM’s visual outputs provided inspiring stimulus for the creative team – the most recent articulation of which has achieved the rare feat of winning plaudits in adland, whilst also striking a powerful chord with McDonald’s target audience.

Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: “In a challenging time, our Raise Your Arches invitation to McDonald’s provides the nation with a small but much-needed moment to let go and feel good. We hope the campaign raises arches and smiles across the country and I can’t wait to see everyone get involved.”