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What are contextual drivers?

How we can help

  • We help brands and their agency partners create content with impact.
  • We identify the current cultural tensions and narratives which drive attention and brand relevance.
  • We help build the creative strategy and inspire teams with cultural territories and communication opportunities.
  • Our work helps clients identify new trends, immerse themselves in emerging consumer behavior, understand product viability in the marketplace and provides inspiration for development areas.



Shell Retail loves RAW

BAMM worked with Shell’s global service development retail team to map key trends relating to the future of travel, across 6 global markets. The result is a grounded, ethnographic key understanding of how Shell should focus their innovation pipeline for non-fuel products and services offered in their global retail sites.

RAW provides cultural intelligence delivered through our local cultural experts (ethnographers, anthropologists, photojournalists). They use cultural understanding and expertise to inform marketing and communication strategy as well as providing inspiration and fresh thinking for campaign development.  We work with our client to develop a brief for our RAW network, and identify parameters for the research and timeframes. Then, our local teams are free to explore and capture the issues that are most pertinent to the brief.

Discover workshops

See what Diet Coke discovered

The Diet Coke brand team needed fresh insight into their core millennial audience. BAMM recruited a set of ‘leading-edge’ participants to take the team on an ethnographic journey through food and drink culture. The result was a fully packaged insight report with key ‘idea platform’ generation territories mapped out for further development.

Discover workshops originate better ideas and thinking. We combine the best in ethnographic study of emerging culture, with consumer co-creation in a creative and inspiring setting. We bring stakeholders and leading-edge consumers together to develop new ideas. BAMM identifies cultural hotspots where new thinking and behavior are emerging. We work with our local cultural hosts in that location to provide an immersive experience for our clients, during which we  interrogate the opportunities for clients’ brands with our cultural hosts. BAMM is responsible for facilitating the session and ensuring actionable insights.

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