VR for Greater Ethnographic Immersion


Written By: Tom Law and Jim Mott

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An example of VR immersion around an American Truckers bar

VR is an immersive tool that offers an unparalleled opportunity for audience understanding and consumer empathy. It’s a window into worlds and experiences otherwise inaccessible to our clients, giving them access to the key moments and significant spaces in the lives of their target audience.

Use your mouse to move around a Chinese truckers hotel room

Primarily VR offers the ability to not just see or hear, but truly ‘feel what it’s like’ to walk in the shoes of the people our clients wish to communicate with.

As Visual Thinkers and early adopters of VR, BAMM have been pioneering its use in market research since 2015. We have a wealth of experience on live projects in multiple markets to draw upon.

A Chinese truckers rest stop

We’re developing a range of different tools and uses for VR, which we can split out across three broad areas:

1.Granular Immersion

For when the importance of the insight is the sheer empathic power of immersion that VR delivers. Short, high definition and ‘open’ VR experiences, deliver market context and situational understanding that takes full advantage of both stereoscopic visuals and binaural sound to transport the boardroom directly into the lives of their audience.

A BAMM client workshop in full flight

2. Narrated Documentary

VR is at its most powerful when linked to a compelling narrative structure. Storytelling in VR helps to frame the viewer’s experience beyond simple immersion and towards a more directed, insight driven structure.
Using a mix of audio and embedded graphics and text to provide visual cures, BAMM’s journalistic approach uses the voices of consumers and our own experts to highlight the key observations, and provide an additional layer of understanding to the experience.

3. Technical observation

The technical observational power of VR comes from its ability to capture the full complexity of environmental and social interactions.

VR offers a 360 vantage point on multiple simultaneous behaviours, highlighting interactions between customers and staff, service users and products, people and places. Ideal for reviewing, analysing and understanding the micro-behaviours and cues to action that take place in more complex service settings.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in experiencing VR for yourself.

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