Visual Ethnography & Strongwomen


Written By: Sophie

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Check out BAMM’s latest visual ethnography project – looking into the world of Strong Woman contestants.

It’s a fascinating window into the lives of a specific culture of athletes.  It’s also thrown up some important and timely questions concerning femininity, body image, dieting, weight, the idea of ‘weak’ vs ‘strong women’ and much more.


There are always social shifts in what body image and femininity means to society. Currently it looks like we are in a point of flux, highlighted by Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. Our video taps into this area, but also offers a specific angle around thoughts concerning a more muscular female body image.

So, it’s been a hit, it’s struck a nerve (over 10,000 views on Vimeo from over 60 countries), and BAMM want to take it further.  It’s thrown up more questions than it’s answered, so we’re going to be carrying out more research around the area.  We’re starting tonight, with a series of film viewings, inviting panels of different people to watch and then debate specific areas and themes already mentioned.

They’ll be more updates to come, but if you’ve already got any points of view on the subject (men and women included), let us know….

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