How do you test creative work more effectively?


Written By: Ailean Mills

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Optimising creative work, often at the end of a process of advertising or digital development, is a vital stage. There is still time and space to make big creative forward-leaps and while no one wants to start re-thinking the strategy at this stage, there is the opportunity to make the creative work speak the strategy even louder.

BAMM’s face to face Gallery Groups give consumers the freedom to roam around visual material, “stamping” and marking standout creative areas. The first half of the session captures the emotional and intuitive “magic” of ideas, the second centres on the logic.

Gallery Maps are a specially designed agile online sister product. Gallery Maps were designed to meet the challenge of engaging respondents in the digital testing space. They emulate what the conventional focus group does at its best – mining individual motivations, assessing social collective shareability, as well as using all the power of group co-creative inspiration. The aim is to make the creative speak the strategy louder and sharper, and add drawing power to the creative work.

BAMM’s 5 day Agile Gallery Map has been designed to fit that space. And has recently worked to choose between 3 creative routes for a major haircare brand, bringing the selected idea even closer to strategy and upping its creative fire power for standout.

Day One took the respondents close to the strategic intent. Day two, day three, and day four gave each of the routes their own creative space, aiming at developing each to the best it can be. Our consumers mark out stickability sections of the executions, commenting on particular relevance. Day 5 is a stand back for all, allowing strategic assessment of the 3 ideas for key performance indicators. Day 6 brings online focus groups for group inspiration and decision making.

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