Rewilding: Design Experts on the Wildest Trends in the Industry


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Last week we attended D&AD festival and picked some of the most creative brains in the design industry for the wildest trends you should know about. In one-questions interviews we asked designers, art directors, strategists and creative leads, what is the wildest thing a brand or a creative agency can do:

“There is a definite longing for imperfection because being human means being imperfect. Many people are tired of the shiny sterile images. Leonard Cohen sang: ‘There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’ If a brand embrace the ‘cracks’, it will absolutely make their image much more interesting, much more human.”

Christina Noble Knight, UKnight

“Nowadays, being honest is pretty wild. Simply being genuine and respective, not treating your consumers like babies, leads to incredibly rewarding results for both the brand and its customers. Audi Super Bowl campaign promoting gender equality was simple, but genuine. Our world needs more voices, so brands that are brave enough to be opinionated and strong enough to get their message heard will be the ones to be remembered.”

Laszlito Kovacs, WeTransfer

Audi Super Bowl ad, 2017

“I love seeing creative companies take risks. It’s easy to play it safe and make exactly what the client wants, but we always try to present our bravest ideas and hope the client joins us on the journey.”

Victoria Talbot, Human After All

“There is a lot of jadedness and cynicism in the world, we are saturated with brand awareness, media communications, advertising and design messages all trying to get under our skin. In this crowded environment, being creative and sincere at the same time, have a pure, philosophically essential idea, is incredibly hard and, in my opinion, pretty wild”.

Elise Valmorbida, word-design

“I love to see brands that are wild enough to keep experimenting. It’s better to go one step too far and retrace than play it safe in the first place. Everyone has a right to make mistakes, as long as they accept responsibility and learn from it.”

Nick Turner, Sapient Razorfish

“Working in the digital realm, it’s crucial to take time to go back to basis. Once a month my team gets crafty, we sit around the table and make macramé. Creating visuals for the screen or VR, it’s very easy to get ‘2D-fied’, so picking up paper and scissors is a great way to remember how to work with physical objects and space. Paradoxically, keeping traditional crafts alive is one of the wildest things a digital agency can do.”

Lisa Campana, MOO

“I like to see creative agencies collaborating with their clients. It’s brave to admit that you don’t have all the solutions and need your client as much as they need you. This co-creation makes for some exciting and wild work, like the campaign by London Symphony Orchestra and The Partners:
Dave King, Studio LR

Always Moving: the London Symphony Orchestra visual identity

“Design has the power to go implement change. Using this power is easily the wildest thing a brand can do.”

Hal Watts, Unmade

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