RAW insight

A global network of creative insight specialists, embedded within local culture.


Able to provide a rich stream of cultural insight and front line journalistic reporting from around the globe.


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What is RAW?
We believe in grounded intelligence – bottom up thinking that interrogates the emergent trends of global culture.  Through this we can help brands develop opportunities for the future, by looking correctly at the present.

We can’t ask consumers to describe these trends. We must see it ourselves in the emerging patterns of consumer culture, from past to present. That’s where RAW works. It’s a global network of local photojournalists and anthropologists hunting out ideas within sub cultures that may become mainstream.

How does it work?
We take an idea or a value that is important for a brand.  We spend time looking at the ideas around that value. We initially track back to understand its cultural history and context, then use our RAW community to track forward to interrogate how the value connects to emergent trends. The content is then analysed to develop category and brand implications.



What are the benefits?
1. Grounded in culture. Our cultural insight specialists are grounded at the coalface of local culture. Strategic ideas can be contextualised with rich, meaningful evidence.

2. Journalistic speed. We can road test ideas at the drop of a hat. We get the brief out and it’s happening.

3. Bespoke content. We provide visual outputs that are specifically tailored around your brand thinking. The rich visual stories provide direct context to your strategy.

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