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Product: Audiences

Bringing humanity into the world of B2B

Project design

  • Specialist recruitment
  • B2B ethnography
  • Collaborative & immersive workshop
  • Bespoke microsite

Shell commissioned BAMM to help elevate its service proposition to its one million plus B2B customers via a rich qualitative segmentation.

Influenced thinking

The challenge was not only to develop global understanding across 5 different industrial sectors, but to embed the insight into the business and shift Shell’s thinking about its B2B audience from a supplier relationship to a partnership model.

Deep exploration

Film, photography and ethnographic depth interviews were combined to explore over 50 businesses from the ground up, engaging with senior management and operational staff. A segmentation was developed based on the deep-rooted drivers and organisational culture that underpin its strategic priorities.

Insights with impact

The findings were presented to 40 senior stakeholders from all around the world in a full day workshop, launching a programme of marketing and sales activity which is reshaping how Shell engages with its customers.