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Product: Opinions

Coca-Cola Pop Shop
Research with flavour

Project design

  • Qual reporting at quant scale
  • Fast turn around results
  • Walk-in consumer testing
  • Flexible research venue

Coca-Cola’s fast-paced innovation stream requires market research that can provide accurate, consumer-based feedback in a more agile way. Our solution was Pop Shop, a walk-in flavour testing laboratory that is open to the public.

An agile lab in the heart of Croydon

Our solution to the demands of fast-paced research that could still deliver feedback on specific product tastes was ‘Pop-Shop’, a unit in the popular Boxpark street food venue in the heart of Croydon, South-West London. This walk-in solution enabled us to canvas opinions from hundreds of people within very short periods of time – all within an environment where consumers are naturally experimenting with different foods and drinks.

Feedback in hours not days

We were able to produce insights on specific tastes and flavours within hours rather than days. The versatility of our solution also enabled Coca-Cola staff to meet consumers face-to-face and even conduct informal, small-scale focus groups.

Improving on products with confidence

Test findings led to specific changes in imagery, packaging and flavour for dozens of products. The success of the project has also led a new larger scale version of the same work to be commissioned.