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Product: Journeys

Architecting the service experience

Project design

  • Client immersion
  • Conflict groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Showroom visits
  • Rich visual outputs

Mercedes’ rapid growth had put pressure on its servicing arm, threatening customer satisfaction. BAMM were brought in to unlock consumer pressure points, emotions and needs across the servicing journey, and help engineer a better experience.

Leading with emotions

Consumers’ have a range of macro- and micro-emotional needs when getting their car serviced. Our unique process uncovered and prioritized each need, mapping the brand’s performance across the journey.

Journeys into the unknown

The service journey is an anomaly in customer’s lives, and a process they don’t fully understand. From sign-up to taking the car back after service, they put their much loved vehicle, time and trust into the brand’s hands. Because of this, they’re often left feeling vulnerable throughout – the key emotion the brand experience needed to address.

Changing the Mercedes experience

The work is being rolled out to each franchise retailer, defining the specific improvements to make in the customer experience, and helping implement these changes, for example via training support.

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