Of Oz The Wizard


Written By: Matt Baker

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The Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen it perhaps 10 times across my life. Yet I recently gave it a new viewing, to give me a fresh perspective. Some bright spark called Matt Bucy decided to unscramble the original film and re-edit it in alphabetical order.

The result is mesmerising, revealing the fundamental building blocks of the original story:

Matt has recently described the process: “I’m a coder, and hell if I was going to tackle this manually! So I wrote a simple little app that helped me and another friend take the movie apart, marking out all the words one by one. It was still pretty manual, but I used a nifty little technique to visually display the soundtrack so that words were easy to spot and locate. It went very fast.”

It’s a strange idea, but, actually, one that’s close to BAMM’s heart. We’re interested in decoding visuals. That includes the words in filmed interviews. We’re increasingly using techniques to provide clients with dominant key words and themes that can be exported from a video timeline to reveal the real meaning of what someone is saying in an interview. Of Oz The Wizard does much the same, albeit arranged in alphabetical order, rather than by hit rate.

I think film will increasingly get this deconstruction treatment, to lay out the bare blocks of data and in doing so provide fresh insight in the process. Exciting times!

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