NETS – Documentary Homage to Life at Sea


Written By: Matt Baker

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Jacob Harmer, a good friend of BAMMs, has recently finished his latest documentary – NETS. It’s a beautifully shot piece of work that utilises a more photographic style of film making.  The short provides a beautiful visual insight into his hometown of Hastings, exploring being born into a life at sea. It’s about heritage and the pride gained from independence, the romantic ideal of earning a living on the water and the harsh realities entailed to do so.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 14.03.13

It’s in for a shout within a documentary competition, set up by Hunger in collaboration with Doc Heads and Rankin Film Productions. The winner of the grand prize will be formally announced on Friday 27th February.

We wish him the best of luck and hope you do too!

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