History of Time in less than 4 min


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Digital producer and publisher Adam Westbrook makes ‘video essays that weave stories and images together to make things fascinating’. Unlike many documentarians who search for inspiration in unexplored corners of the world and overlooked chapters of history, Adam often revisits the most familiar stories that we all thought we knew so well since school days that no one bothered to take a closer look (like when you spend hours searching your attic for a hat you are wearing).

In his recent projects Adam explored the alternative origins of the WWI, exposed how a seemingly innocent fruit can cause a civil war and called Leonardo da Vince a looser. His latest video essay is not less ambitious – a brief exploration of the history of time:


Adam doesn’t just create – he actively explores the possibilities of visual storytelling, openly shares his experience and encourages viewers to join the discussion. With so many exciting and ambitious projects under his belt, we can’t help wondering – what Adam’s next film will be about?

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