Carol is working from home today, a rarity she enjoys as she gets to avoid rush hour. London, UK.


Fauziah is helping her son prepare for his morning prayer. She gets up 4:30am every morning to assure she has time to pray before helping her family get ready, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Garai has managed to finally gain signal. He is making a call to his mother before returning to his journey. Outside of Damanhur, Egypt.


Jazz has had his car for seventeen years, he is very proud of the upkeep. Birmingham, UK.


Liang enjoys a cigarette on a quick break. Shenyang, China. 


Sohaj and Zosar are about to begin a two day long drive. They take shifts in who drives and sleeps. Damanhur, Egypt.


Shen and Mei have been married for nineteen years. Here they are helping their child prepare for University, something they are excited and nervous for, Shanghai, China.


Daha and his neighbour sit outside before they have dinner. They have just came back from school and are excited to watch tv later, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Zhou has lived in Beijing, China for almost twenty years. He sometimes wishes he lived somewhere more quiet but wants to be close to his family.


Salim is playing late night basketball with his friends, they usually don’t keep score. Salim wants to break into the music and fashion scene one day, New York, USA.


Nubia is waiting for a delivery. Her mother has recently moved into her family home, something Nubia is happy about as she can take better care of her mother now, Damanhur, Egypt.


Veronica is getting ready for a show. In between performing they work in property development, London, UK.


Rana is a 29 year old mother of four. She takes great pride in her house and often has visitors round, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Zhi is trying to figure out how to use his new mobile phone. He has been selling machine parts to truck drivers for the last five years, Jinan, China


Max lives in Liverpool, UK. He tries to play football at least once a week. It is as much a social sport as an active one.


Hafsah likes to drive his bike around at night because the roads are usually quieter . Also more people talk to each other as they are not in a rush, Damanhur, Egypt.


Sakura comes to the studio to practice dancing at least once a week. She wanted to spend less time on her phone looking at what other people were doing with their life, 

Tokyo, Japan.


Iman is playing his favourite sport. With his parents working long hours and living in the city, he doesn’t have much chance to practice outside. Kuala Lumper, Malaysia.


Keirron has been a sealant specialist all his working life. Growing up in London he has seen many changes to the city, mostly in people's mindset. London, UK.


Safiya has worked in the truck stop for seven years, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of all she enjoys meeting different drivers and hearing their stories.


Jane is getting ready for another holiday. Her aim is to take her children abroad for bonding as a family and become more cultured. Upton, UK.



Asim is stopping to talk to an old friend Khnurn in Damanhur, Egypt. Khnurn has been helping Asim look after his car for years, something he relys on for work.


Polina, having recently retired, is sitting in her front room. She likes to relax now she has the time. Mosco, Russia.


Shui has been a truck driver for over fifteen years, Dongguan, China. He is resting and trying to phone his family.


In London, UK, Katy is relaxing after a performance. They are a non-binary visual artist and cabaret performer, hoping their work will encourage more Iranians to express themselves.


Ten year old Dafa is getting ready for his second shower of the day. His mother is encouraging personal hygiene as a means for health and happiness. Jakarta, Indonesia.


Nick, Sam and George playing football in Manchester, UK. There 5 aside game kicks off in an hour, they arrived early to practice. Nick, Sam and George playing football in Manchester, UK. There 5 aside game kicks off in an hour, they arrived early to practice.


Raymond counting his change in a dinner at a truck stop in Central America. He has to take a rest here as he’s been driving for almost the daily legal limit of 12 hours.


Jamie practising on the speed bag at his local boxing gym in Brixton, London. He’s preparing for his first amateur competition next month.


Hayden stretching before she goes rock climbing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hayden enjoys this part of her day as it allows her to clear her mind.


Two truckers waiting for their food at a truck stop in Portland. They’ve been driving all day and are pleased to rest.


Nick Passing the ball over to his friend Sam, Manchester, UK. Nick is still at university and loves playing football when he’s not studying.


The night market coming alive at a truck stop in Hangzhou, China. The food stalls open as the sun goes down and stay open late into the night.


Bo and Chen enjoying dinner together in Jinan, China.


Bai standing in front of his truck in a truck stop in Hangzhou, China. Bai is working on some quick repairs whilst his driving partner is finding their next job.


Jason watching his friends box in the ring, London, UK. They are taking it turn to box two minute rounds.


Khoo playing with his daughter on the sofa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Khoo and his daughter are very close; helped by the fact that Khoo works from home.


George showing BAMM his Instagram account,Manchester, UK. George follows many athletes for both inspiration and nutritional advice.


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