Kelly and her children outside Starbucks, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They’ve stopped to pick up some cold drinks to help cool them down in this hot weather.


Waiters gather around the manager as they discuss tactics for tonights dinner service, Mexico City, Mexico. It’s a Friday night so they are expecting to be busy.


Sammy enjoying her coffee on the go, Chicago, USA


David ordering a coffee from a Shell station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. David fancies something different so he is letting the shop attendant choose the coffee for him.


Sophie and her friends out shopping in the centre of Birmingham, UK. Sophie prefers to shop with friends as they help her make a decision.


Gabriela on her way to meet some friends in a bar in Mexico City, Mexico. Aspiring singer and entrepreneur, Gabriela recently bought her own flat, this has  given her focus and meaning in her life - and she hasn’t stopped since then.


David checking on his stocks, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. David uses his spare time to invest the money he earns; he researches his investments based on various news articles he reads.


Mark working out in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He likes to keep fit and says ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’.


Khoo sitting in the drivers seat of his 1963 VW Camper, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Khoo enjoys driving old manual cars, he believes that’s real driving where you are at one with the vehicle.


Trent holding his son Ruban, Chicago, USA. Trent has to drive a lot for work and often brings Ruban with him for company.


Andrea and Maria laughing at a message Maria just received, Mexico City, Mexico. Maria has recently started using Tinder.


Karrah enjoying the view on the way up to the mountains, Vancouver, Canada. Karrah really enjoys skiing, it’s not just the journey down that she enjoys; the journey up, in amongst the adrenaline for what lies ahead, can be therapeutic.


Malena holding her dog jerry in Mexico City. Animal lover Malena always seems to have a smile on her face.


Kathleen holding up the lottery ticket she just purchased in Chicago, USA. She only buys lottery tickets from one place as she believe the staff are so friendly that if she were to win it would be because of their positivity.


David collecting meat from his local butcher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. David is a chef for home schooled children, he collects his ingredients early morning to give him enough time to make the meals for lunch time.


Friends gather to celebrate Juan’s birthday in Mexico City. After the cake they are going to meet more of Juan’s friends at a local bar.


Robert washing his windscreen at a Shell Petrol station in Chicago, USA. His BMW is an extension of himself so it’s important for him that it looks clean.


Malcolm and Rosie enjoying a bottle of champagne in Sydney, Australia. They are celebrating their wedding anniversary.


Hayden stretching to get ready to go rock climbing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hayden’s boyfriend introduced her to rock climbing 9 months ago and she’s done it ever since.


Kelly and her son playing badminton in there living room on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kelly works long hours so enjoys anytime she has with her son.


Locals brave the big swells at Bronte beach in Sydney, Australia. The country is going through a spell of ongoing wet weather conditions which has brought the swells.


Lyndsey is very relaxed about Hugo exploring the house. She lets him pull the plugs in and out of the sockets, something other parents may actively avoid at all costs. She believes this helps him build his independence.


Christina had quit her job in finance to take care of her baby full time. She made this decision because she believes her mom - who had also quit her job when having her - has a stronger relationship with the family than her mother-in-law, who continued working. Nothing like the experiences of our close relations to influence our view in life.


Sam likes taking Dougie out and about for walks, to the pub and even to ‘baby cinema’ at the local cinema. Sam captains his local Sunday league team and dreams of one day being able to coach Dougie in the local youth side.


Yuanyuan is getting prepared for when she will need to come back to work. Her mother, and mother in law, will  help raise the baby. In the meantime, she enjoys her time with the little one as much as she can.


James standing in front of his truck in Jubitz, USA. He takes great pride in his truck, cleaning it before every long haul trip.


Jenny is happy to leave the TV play on in the background, as it works as ”white noise”, calming her baby down and getting him to sleep.


A ‘trucking couple’ take time out to talk to BAMM about their life on the road, in Chengdu, China. They have left their son with his grandparents so he can still go to school. They hope that when he grows up he won’t have to be a truck driver.


Sam is in a WhatsApp group with other dads he met on his NCT course. Unlike his wife's group chat, where mums talk about the struggles of carrying a child, the ’Dads Army' group discuss arranging squash sessions.


Rafiqah set up her own law firm in Malaysia, once she learned she was pregnant. For her, this was a great way to escape the stressful life of her previous work, as she can work from home.


Yuanyuan’s parental focus is on teaching the right values and giving her child as much love as possible. This reflects a shift in China, from the phenomenon of 'Tiger mums’ to a more empathic type of parenting.


Ling standing beside his truck in Hangzhou, China. Most of the trucks in China are red as they are believed to bring good luck.


Jihan is a new mum from a Muslim background. Her pregnancy was not expected, and at the time it was very hard for her to quit her job and adapt to the new reality. She has now started a new online fashion business that keeps her busy. Mumpreneurs are a very common phenomenon in urban Malaysia.


Christina's only 'me time' is when her son is asleep, which most of the time she uses to catch up on her sleep, or check her Facebook feeds.


 Independence is key for Julie. She decorated her townhouse outside of Leeds with great care, making it a homely haven for herself, her daughter and grandchild. 
Although the TV is on, it's hard to tear yourself away from the IPad when your daughter has posted new pictures on Facebook of the little one.


Yang reports any concerns about her baby's health live to her paediatrician via We Chat. The platform has been revolutionising the way Chinese mums count on their chain of support.


Hongbo is highly controlling when it comes to her son's education. She thinks early educational TV shows are not good, as it can make her toddler dependent on watching TV, and she is considering to delay sending him to kindergarten so she can be the primary influencer of his development.


Mariana - here with Ignacio, her 6 month-old son - tries to bring him outdoors for long periods of time during the day. She is concerned how technology influences the new generation. She will be shielding him from devices for as long as she can.


When the children have flown the nest, you can treat yourself to a sexier car. Trading function for feeling, car retailer Richard has gotten himself a convertible. Driving it is a breeze, taking his wife Mandy on weekend getaways outside of Leeds.


Mandy's extensive cookbook collection is one of her greatest joys. Their recipes bring back memories from holidays, inspires her through celebrity chefs and reconnects her to her Jewish roots. Her current favourite is the one from Ottolenghi, and she can't wait to drive down from Leeds to London to visit his restaurant.