Highstreet brands compete for the eyeballs in both on and off line worlds.


Anne-Marie enjoys shopping at the market as she knows the people and believes the food is fresher Amsterdam, Holland.


Today is Tobey's first birthday, the extended family and friends have arrived to celebrate. Florida, USA.


Kevin enjoys this truck stop as it has the most options, he has worked in the trucking industry for 23 years so appreciates change. Toronto, Canada.


These brothers both suffer PKU which means their bodies struggle to breakdown protein. For them it is more exciting to bring in home cooked pack lunches then eat school dinners like everyone else. York, UK.


Ari in his kitchen which he built mostly himself, Berlin, Germany.


Jianjun travels roughly ten times a year for his work, he enjoys it but still gets lost a lot in airports. Xian, China.


Ali grows fresh fruit and vegetables in his own garden, he likes to know where his food is coming from. He uses his gardening talents to help charities across Johannesburgs, South Africa. 


Ashley grew up in Chicago and has worked many years for the council. She and her mother are a large part of the church community, Illinois


Justine has been working in the truck stop for many years now, her father owns the lubricant shop and for a lot of her life tried to prevent her from working the same job as him. Justine enjoys meeting all the different truckers and working with the vehicles. Canada.


Nicole and Annie have been friends since they were teenagers, now married to the same brothers, they ar enjoying their day off aftr handing the children over to their husbands. Chicago,Illinois.


Pup en sous, it's the staple in Soweto. Made up of maize, salad and meat left in spices and then grilled on a 'braii'. You'll find braiis all over the streets in South Africa.


In China many truck drivers travel in pairs to take sleeping and driving shifts. This is to keep up with high demands of quick transporting in the Chinese trucking industry.


Lizandro is from Argentina, he now lives in Madrid and considers himself an introvert, Spain.


Sofia is taking a break from dancing, she does it to make herself feel better. Barcelona.


Xavier is studying a degree in hospitality. He enjoys working hard on things that will ensure he has a strong future. Barcelona.


Limo puts aside at least an hour a day to play with his sons. He thinks all fathers should be a proactive in raising children. Stockholm, Sweden.


Katy and friend pose for a selfie backstage. They have just performed in a drag show. London, UK.


Sogol and Amar have recently married. They had a traditional Hindu ceremony and a traditional British wedding. A mix they feel reflects themselves as born Londoners with Asian heritage.


Sameera is a full time housewife with four children. She takes pride in her family and home. Pune, India.


Salim is a New York photographer who enjoys taking pictures of people with deep passions. USA.



Serkan enjoys working with trucks as everyday is different. Istanbul, Turkey.


Patricia claims she is sometimes ‘excessively’ pro-active. She is studying Tourism at University. Barcelona.


Maisha has become popular on instagram as a modest fashion blogger. She wants to promote the ideal that muslim women are proud and liberated. London, UK.


Krakow during rush hour and snow.


Merry Christmas! Jane and Tom live together in Krakow and have built their first snow man in five years.


Sophie outside her local shop, she enjoys Christmas shopping even if it is stressful. Leeds, UK.


Anatoly has lived in the same house for twenty years, he thinks it is the perfect size for him as he now lives alone.


Temel has been working as a mechanic for seventeen years. His favourite part of the day is going home to see his children. Istanbul, Turkey.


Sameera is wanting her daughter to remain happy and healthy, she assures this by pushing personal hygiene. Pune, India.


Sara, 18, has lived in Berlin all her life. She gains most of her fashion inspiration from music videos.


Suad spends a lot of time cleaning her living room which is reserved specifically for guests, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Maisha is a social media influencer with 27K followers on instagram. She wants to pursue a career as a lawyer whilst also sharing her fashion ideals online. London, UK.


Achala and Deepa are enjoying their dinner, they both have to get up at 6am tomorrow for school, New Dehli, India.


Nicky is posting a picture on instagram, she doesn't use filters as she wants them to appear natural. Berlin, Germany.


Peter is coming back from his lunch break trying to figure out what his friend's plans are for the weekend, London, UK.


Nalini is currently studying as her husband works in New Dehli. She is wanting her children to secure a good education so they options in the future, India.


Sophie is going to turn ten soon, Exeter, UK


Nat is catching up with some friends before driving across Canada to deliver goods. Calgary, Canada.


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