Touch Point Tagging

Understanding the efficacy of brand touch points on the streets of Europe

Two years is the average spent on creative development, for design and advertising assets in the FMCG industry. In that 2 years millions are spent in human and research time on producing the new goods.

But what happens when these goods leave the building, thrown out on the street, day after day, hail, rain and shine, affecting consumer perception of brand image, with the brand owner having little control over context and wear & tear.

This is the question a global FMCG brand asked themselves about the effect of branded street touch points all over Western Europe – the message they were conveying to the consumer, often years after the creators, distributors and campaign chiefs had departed.

In response to this brief, BAMM developed a mixed qual/ quant methodology approach to tell this tale of visibility and engagement.

The approach was city pinpoint and country-wide.

Brandjournalists and consumers walked a 4k route to benchmark the quantity and quality context of the brand’s touch points.

Meanwhile across each of the 4 countries, online, 70 consumers were taking photos of the brand as they went to work, shopped and played, over a 4 day period, and “tagged” them on their value to the them.


This dynamic mixed methodology “touchpoint tagging” research provided our client with a granular consumer-driven study of how their brand was living day to day in the streets. It provided the basis for 5 year marketing and finance planning, answering questions from “best practice” context to the benchmarking of the ideal management of brand visibility.

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