Refreshing brand identity through Momentum

Understanding drinking habits and communication territories for Finlandia.

Refreshing a brand requires an understanding of the relevant cultural trends and where they coincide with the message you are seeking to promote.

This is about developing a strategic direction that will resonate with your market as well as creating a distinct position within the category.

Wieden+Kennedy approached us to help them develop a more distinctive positioning for the brand, that could help them cut through in the crowded category space in Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

In particular they wanted to ‘up the energy’, moving away from the conventions of a category focused on intrinsics and towards a more occasion-focused territory.

We helped the W+K team build their understanding of the dynamics of a night out from the perspective of young people in each of the markets. Having them share the defining moments of an evening out together helped the team identify where the energy lives and also the role vodka plays in those spaces.

Playing off this learning, along with deeper conversations with young people about the territories themselves, enabled us to identify the spaces in which the brand could play and help W&K to develop a comprehensive brief for their creative team.

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