Rediscovering your brand’s energy through culture

Using popular culture to revitalise a heritage Asian soap brand

Without cultural relevance, brands that were once beacons of trend leadership can find themselves left behind, shedding loyal customers as the conversation moves on.

Yet trend research often misses the mark, delivering on high sounding concepts, without making the connection to actual lifestyles and behaviours.  

We worked with the Unilever Lifebuoy team to move the brand forward without alienating their core audience of women from lower SEG households in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia & India.  

Working with cultural experts in each of their markets gave the Lifebuoy team a strong understanding of where the big themes in popular culture were connecting to hygiene.

Ensuring those themes were grounded in the world of the Lifebuoy audience meant spending time with women in their homes to understand the role of hygiene in day-to-day life.

We also got their take on the themes we had identified, giving the Lifebuoy team a firm understanding of which ones would resonate and how far they could go with them.

The final output was a working document that outlined core principles in terms of communication and messaging along with new creative spaces in which the brand could develop.

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