The power of immersive workshops to drive stakeholder engagement

One of the major challenges faced by insight teams within large global organisations, is the need to engage and inspire multiple stakeholders from across the business. Different business units can all have wildly different ideas. When you throw into the mix partner agencies and external stakeholders, then the challenge of getting everyone aligned and ready to drive change within the business is one that is extremely tough to achieve.

This was precisely the challenge faced by the Shell HDEO team as we drew our ‘Listening Post’ trucking culture study to a close on on the cusp of their new global campaign. How could they land the insights in such a way that everyone would not only embrace them but ensure that they were baked in to the campaign strategy itself? Clearly the usual role out of debriefs and tailored market reports was not going to cut it on its own.

Our solution was to launch ‘Listening Post Live’ a one day experiential workshop hosted in a disused mechanics workshop in the heart of London’s old East End. Here we drew together all of the campaigns major stakeholders (both internal and external) to expose them as fully as possible to the trucking way of life.

Ambient film and audio, combined with a gallery of photography from the field, was used to fill the space and provide an immersive context for the work to take place.  Dividing attendees into teams we supplied them with journalistic style insight cards, raw footage and 360 VR film, to dive into the research from multiple different angles and explore and own the insights for themselves.

The result was a much better feeling of connection to the target audience amongst delegates in the room, which in turn led to clear consensus as to what the core of the approach to the revised strategy should be. The strategy itself has subsequently been launched to widespread positive feedback.