Generating Momentum in product innovation

Connecting emotional need states to a digital experience with Telefonica.

Innovative products need to break the mould, whilst still catering to the needs of their intended audience in an intuitive and appealing way.  

The process can be a scramble to get the MVP off the ground, feeding insights into the development process, and at the same time ensuring that your internal stakeholders are on the same page.   

This was the challenge from our Telefonica client when they asked for our help in developing a new app that would enable young people to regulate their moods, to improve overall life satisfaction.

Mobile based ‘mood diaries’ enabled the Telefonica team to build their understanding of the day-to-day mood states of young people.

Face to face encounters helped the Telefonica team to build on this understanding and iterate directly to the app wireframes as they went.

At the same time it enabled them to build out a ‘big picture’ of how moods are framed within the context of people’s wider lives and life goals.   

The culmination of this process was a clear set of guidelines, detailing the emotional needs of young people that the app could address, and the design principles that should be adopted to achieve maximum relevance and impact.

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