Generating drive for brand growth

Getting under the skin of truckers for Shell.


Audience understanding needs to sit at the heart of any campaign. This means knowing how your brand fits into the context of consumers’ lives and what needs to be amplified to build more meaningful connections.

The global trucking community represents the core of Shell Rimula’s audience, yet as a global brand, Shell’s understanding of trucker life was lacking.

This came to a head when the Shell team decided to shift their new campaign from functional messaging to a more emotional position for their brand.

Enabling this shift meant giving the Shell team an empathic understanding of the issues that truckers face on a daily basis, as well as more deep rooted problems and concerns that could be addressed by the brand.

Ethnographic research teams, embedded in truck stops across the globe for days at a time, provided Shell with the depth they needed.

Filmed interviews not only with truckers, but with all the people they come into contact with on the road, provided multiple perspectives on the issues that matter.

360 VR footage enabled distant stakeholders to ‘be there’ and connect in a way that otherwise would not have been possible.  

Most importantly, the insights were delivered through a collaborative workshop session that fed directly into the brief for the campaign, triggering a new direction that will serve as a platform for the brand for years to come.

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