Rewilding groups

How BAMM helped Danone unleash the power of groups for more immersive, truer concept testing


The most common method for evaluating ads is still qualitative groups. And it still comes with the same old problems –  exposing ideas in lab-like environments, with a heavily structured and controlled sequence of moderation, in a forced micro-cosmos of people who create personas that influence and manipulate one another.

Danone came to BAMM aware of our methodologies that cut the ‘laboratory-bias’ and get closer to reality. They wanted a truer read on a new campaign being developed at the start of 2017. We suggested Gallery Groups. This unique methodology is BAMM’s take on concept-testing qualitative research, which more closely simulates the impact that communications have on people in the real world.

In our approach, the visual executions are spread around a gallery space, in no specific order. Participants then wander, with autonomy, deciding what they are drawn to first and how long they spend engaging in each idea. We monitor this behaviour, including the conversations emerging across the group.

Our guests then reveal to us the ‘stickability’ heat areas of each idea. Using emoji-coding stickers our participants are able to reveal their non-verbal reactions. As the moderator begins to interact with them, the stickers guide the flow of the conversation.

The ‘sticky’ findings are then evaluated by our brand experts. We deconstruct the feedback to the idea, first separating the ‘stimulus noise’ from deeper, more authentic reactions. Only then can we offer clear guidance on people’s reactions towards the executions on a conceptual level, decoupled from the influence of each executional element.

Our immersive debrief workshop helped Danone shift to quick and actionable learnings in order to fast track the campaign and ensure best chances for successful quantitative testing. Danone have already commissioned two further Gallery Group projects, proving the power of our methodology to fit their ambition for success.