Avoiding the echo chamber of consumer culture

Carte D’Or were aiming to develop a more forward facing brand strategy. The answer lay in getting under the skin of ‘passionate foodies’, the core target connected with revitalising the brand.

BAMM was charged with gaining consumer insight across UK, France, Italy and Turkey, to help delve deeper into this critical audience. Yet rather than waiting for more obvious responses from more direct questioning, we gave our research participants the freedom to interrogate their own world, openly with other ‘foodies’ across each culture. We simply directed them along the way, and then looked on to observe the results.

We structured a week long online forum, driven by mobile ethnography around key food occasions, personal storytelling and indirect projective techniques, to help them explain their relationship with food in more inspiring ways.

We encouraged them to be curious about one another, comment on each other’s submissions. And by the end of the week we had a fully-functioning self-moderated community.

The study was delivered with both overarching and local market insights. And using BAMM’s content management system, all the raw footage and images collated could be used for continual inspiration, long after the official debrief was given.