Fast testing for greater brand momentum

Using agile techniques to gauge shifts in brand perceptions following product launch.


After entry into Europe and Australia, a global spirits brand began gearing up to launch a line of ready-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages in the US market. They needed a fast, agile approach to testing the impact on their mother brand. Real momentum was needed and that’s where BAMM came in.

We were challenged to investigate how participants navigate the RTD space, to understand their reactions to the brand’s flavour and packaging line-up, and to explore the impact of how this new range will affect the brands perceptions vs. its competitors.

To get quick, intuitive reads on the different packaging and product options, we instigated our nimble Gallery Groups methodology.

Within the consumer workshops, the various packaging design options were placed alongside one another and participants were given a set of emoji stickers ranging from delight to annoyance, to chart their initial reactions to the various options. Once the visceral reactions were recorded we dived into the designs to get more of a rationale behind the emoji placement and a deeper understanding of the groups opinions.

By exploring brand equity polarities at the beginning and then also at the end of the session, we were also able to see how this ‘new news’ about this spirit brand shifted overall perceptions.

Coming out of these groups we were able to effectively advise our client on the optimal flavours and claims to use at launch and key considerations for packaging optimization.

We also uncovered findings that went beyond the objectives laid out in the proposal. We found that RTD drinking occasions tend to be social and high energy, meaning these occasions are led by events rather than mood. We also found a latent desire for more premium/sophisticated options within the RTD category and there’s an expectation that this brand will elevate the category.