Agile Concept Testing

Green light given to a major new low cost haulage, via agile concept testing, using system 1 and system 2 thinking

What is in a name?   Does the name of your airline matter?   Will it consciously or unconsciously sway your decision when you assess the airline field for your next away trip?

BAMM was asked to find out.  For  quite an important new launch – British Airways’ disruptive entry in to the market with a low cost long haul carrier  (you can make a booking now!)

The proposed name was Level – and launching a brand with an English name in non-English speaking countries was not without risk.   Checking for gross negatives was also imperative – the marketing world is full of stories of unchecked names and broken careers!

With less than 2 weeks till the planned launch of the name, British Airways and its agency partners needed a fast  and informed response to the name and visual identity.

BAMM created an agile and lean 10-minute on-line name concept test that moved from free association to visual metaphor to polarity ranking and then to prompted response, using references within and outwith the airline industry.

British Airways received full feedback less than 7 days after commission, with early reads of the data provided before this.

Working with our in-house graphic designer, the research team crafted a series of infographic elements that enabled the results to be easily circulated, readable and impactful.

Level, honest and responsible, is ready to fly.