Brand Activism: Rules of the Game


Written By: Jim Mott


Just over a month ago on August 17th a rash of CEO’s quit Donald Trump’s business and advisory panels in protest after the President’s response to the events in Charlottesville. In response Trump was forced to shut down both panels, humiliating the president and leaving his much vaunted ties with the world of business in tatters.

Whilst the world’s of business and politics have always been inextricably linked, this development feels like something new, with brands taking the moral high ground and openly challenging the policies of a sitting US president.

Suddenly it seems that brands are getting political in a way they never have before, using their political ideals as a platform to connect with their audiences and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

So what’s going on here and what does this new found political activism mean for both brands and their consumers?

BAMM decided to find out. We conducted a survey using a nationally representative sample of 250 people bolstered by on street interviews and conversations with planning directors and brand managers from a number of leading brands and agencies.

Go to our slide share report to uncover what we found and what rules we believe companies should live by to make their brands positively, socially, politically active …Brand Activism Report


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