BAMM Weekly Digest 11th July: Inspiration


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Inspiration – A strange, elusive beast many creatives keep hunting all their lives! Where does it dwell and how can we lure it out? Once we’ve done that how do tame it and put it to work for the good of humanity? Like dragons or unicorns, many have questioned the very existence of the phenomenon, attributing their achievements to hours of hard work instead. Painter Chuck Close famously proclaimed that “inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get the work done.” The writer Isabel Allende echoed his words, emphasising the importance of regular practice over divine inspiration, urging creatives to “show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up too…

As you may have guessed, our latest Weekly Digest is about inspiration!

Read, enjoy share and get inspired!

What we are reading…

The Science of Inspiration

The History of Inspiration

First things first – is inspiration real? Apparently so, experts agree, discussing the phenomenon in informative articles on the science and history of inspiration.

What we are looking at…

13 Historical Inspirations for the Game of Thrones


No good art is born in a vacuum and should draw references from its predecessors, as well as the real world. Here are some historical events and figures that inspired one of the most popular TV series of today!

What we are watching…

Animated film about Wilfred Owen’s inspiration for his poems


English poet Wilfred Owen wrote about the horrors or war from a personal experience of serving as a soldier in the British Army. This playful short animated film telling the story of his life and inspirations is well worth a watch!

What we are reading…

Why inspiration matters?

Now that we established that inspiration is real and seen it in action, let’s discuss, why it matters and how to look after it.

Hope you found it inspiring?

Until the next week!

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