BAMM Weekly Digest 6th June: Sound


Written By: Tina Remiz

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The theme of this week’s digest is sound, from music to speech, from the sounds of nature to urban noise and beyond.

Read about the Soviet X-ray music records, listen to a German overtone singer and consider learning British sign language, before making your way to Wellcome Collection to see This is Voice exhibition.

What we are listening to?

Anne Maria Hefele’s polyphonic overtone singing

If you ever struggled to hit the right note, just imaging attempting two of them at the same time! Now admire the incredible talent of the German overtone singer, using the voice technique of singing to notes simultaneously

What we are reading?

X-Ray Audio by Stephen Coates

A book plus a dedicated project website explore the peculiar history of the Soviet ‘music on the bones’.

What we are looking at?

Infographic of British Sign Language


Pick up a useful new skill and learn to ‘fingerspell’ with this handy infographic of the British Sign Language alphabet.

What we are exploring?

5HZ project

Some scientists believe that the main purpose of the evolution of human voice might have been social bonding. This collaborative project explores the possible evolutionary path based on the biomedical and psychological research into vocal rhythms.

What we are watching?

Sound and Time

Justin Boyd: Sound and Time from Walley Films on Vimeo.

Poetic short documentary film about a sound designer Justin Boyd.

Where we are going?

This is Voice at the Wellcome Collection

Brilliant exhibition exploring the history, scientific studies, technological development, culture and traditions surrounding the human voice. And if this wasn’t enough, you get to take part of Matthew Herbert online Chorus, contributing your voice to the growing digital database.

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