BAMM Weekly Digest 1st August: Augmented Reality


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Welcome to the latest BAMM Weekly Digest, looking at the future of Augmented Reality (AR).
There was time when AR could only be found at the bottom of a beer glass, or that one time we got a new espresso machine in the office… Although, that was more jittery than augmented.
As Pokemon Go has launched the possibilities of AR into the mainstream, companies, programmers and entrepreneurs worldwide are scrambling to capitalise on its success. But, what are the possibilities of AR, and how does it all work?

What are we reading…

Making Augmented Reality Mainstream
Forbes lays out some of the history of AR, its rise and, as you would expect, how much money there is to be made with this technology.

What are we watching…

Microsoft HoloLens: What it’s Really Like

Now out of the prototype faze, Microsoft’s Hololenses are pushing the boundaries of AR and it’s applications. Smartphones are so 2015!

What are we attending…

Augmented Reality exhibition in London

Artist Scarlett Raven presents her new work in Greenwich. It uses AR to reveal the painting process, turning a 2D image into a multilayered interactive experience.

What we are looking at…

The History of Augmented Reality
We are now starting to see huge advances in AR, but its history may surprise you. This infographic neatly tracks 50 years of discoveries in the field of AR technology.

What are we reading…

How Pokemon Go and AR Could Save the Planet?


Still not convinced that AR isn’t just a fancy toy? This articles explains how location-based augmented reality (yes, including the Pokemon Go!) can change the world for the better.

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