BAMM Weekly Digest 16th May


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Welcome to the latest BAMM Weekly Digest!

As it’s the International Museums Day on the 18th of this month, we’ve been exploring some of the latest innovations and exhibitions in museums across the world. Check out the video of Otzi, the mummy that has been replicated on a 3D printer, see how previously fragile exhibits are being made into robust transportable replicas, opening up our history to people all over the world and more…

Enjoy, we’ll see you next week!

What we are watching…

Making the Icaman

See how 3D printing is revolutionising museum exhibitions.

What we are reading…

Nice Museum. Where is Art?

As everything is becoming interactive, read what the New Yorker thinks about some of the challenges of presenting exhibits in this more demanding technological age.

What we are looking at…

Smithsonian Interactive Timeline of Human Evolution

Continuing the theme of human history, we have also been enjoying the Smithsonian’s interactive timeline of human evolution. It tracks all paleontological discoveries of the last two centuries, making it a great tool for learning and catching up on all those updates that have been made since you were last in school.

Where we are hanging out…

The rise of the British graphic novel at the Cartoon Museum, London.


And once your done with our digital suggestions, get down to the Cartoon Museum! The rise of the British graphic novel showcases artwork by some of the most influential and best known artists, such as William Hogarth, Kate Charlesworth, Dave Gibbons, Martin Rowson, Posy Simmonds, Bryan and Mary Talbot and many others.

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