BAMM Weekly Digest 13th June


Written By: Tina Remiz

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Hello and welcome to the latest roundup of the most interesting stories from across the web!

Find out how politicians manipulate statistics, whether it’s possible to archive the Internet and what may have recently disrupted one of Saturn’s rings? These and other Visual Thinking stories in the latest edition of BAMM Weekly Digest:

What we are watching…

Internet Archive

Short documentary film explores the digital storage possibilities in an attempt to archive the Internet.

What we are looking at…

PhotoViz by Nicholas Feltron

Multi-layered project explores the use of photography as a data visualisation tool.

What we are reading…

How Politics Poisoned Statistics


Interesting read on the ways politicians routinely manipulate statistics to present a more favourable image of their policies.

What we are following…

Cassini Mission to Saturn

With regular updates, graphs, charts, maps and a live count-down to the next event, NASA knows how to use Visual Thinking tools to get you excited about science! Cassini mission to Saturn has been trending on twitter for weeks and the project website is well worth exploring!

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