Admissions open: Join the BAMM Academy.


Written By: Nathalie Gil

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BAMM Academy is BAMM’s research training programme for planners from Creative Agencies.

BAMM Academy is our one-week full-time partnership training, as a complement to our continuous support of the creative industry in the UK.

It answers to a demand from the creative industries for good quality – and accessible – research training within agencies. We recognise there are only a few options offered by the research industry aimed for Advertising professionals.

BAMM invites Agencies to join their innovative research team.

BAMM Academy admissions are open. Join the BAMM team.
BAMM invites Agencies to join their innovative research team.

BAMM’s rigorous insight process, paired with creative and innovative techniques gives a perfect learning environment for Planners. We will help inspire you to push boundaries in research methodologies and analysis for more powerful insights.

BAMM Academy has already kicked off with two Planners at Adam & Eve DDB, Bruce Langfield and Min-Hyung Choi. ‘BAMM is definitely the place to be for thought-provoking, interesting and beautiful research’, says Ms. Choi. ‘They embrace visual thinking techniques in order to bring culture and people to life. With BAMM, research is creative, (it) is an iterative process, and is fun’.

Dom Boyd, APG Chairman and Head of Strategy from Adam & Eve DDB, is pleased with the initiative. ‘We have started this initiative with BAMM as an opportunity to offer our Planners a broader set of skills, and prove them that they can push to be more innovative and creative even on the research arena’.

The 5-day experience is packed with training sessions from our senior staff. You will also experience with live projects from large brands (respecting all conflicts of interest). We also make sure you are designated to a project fully coordinated by yourself, and published online at the end of the experience.

We are now open for new applications. As we are an independent research agency, we extend this invitation to everyone from the industry.

If you want to participate with another planner form your company, or you want to nominate two junior or mid weight planners with at least 6 months of experience in the creative industry, send an email to with your company’s details, plus their CVs or LinkedIn profiles, and we will come back to you as soon as possible with available dates.

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