Savage Thinking: BAMM brings an Ethnographic mindset to the APG


Written By: Jim Mott & Nathalie Gil

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Ethnography is widely recognised by clients and agencies alike as a well respected research methodology that delivers highly detailed, contextual understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviours that can often lead to insights no other method can deliver.

At BAMM we’ve been at the leading edge of commercial ethnographic research for 11 years and we agree with all of the above, but we think that ethnography is so much more than just a method. It’s also a way of thinking that can elevate social and cultural understanding to the strategic level where it belongs.

This was the message our research directors Nathalie Gil and Jim Mott took with them to their half day ‘Savage Thinking’ workshop run on behalf of the APG and hosted in a 12th floor board room in Havas’s glorious Kings Cross offices.

Speaking to a sold out room full of planners, strategists and fellow researchers, Jim and Nat shared a mix of practical tips for fieldwork, alongside the broader theoretical underpinnings that elevate ‘proper’ ethnography beyond a glorified in-home interview.

As a takeaway to the training, we have summarised 20 tips for best ethnography practice. Click on the below link to read the tips and think through how it could be applied to your own research. And if you would like your team to benefit from a bespoke ethnographic training course from BAMM, contact either or


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