We use many different qualitative research techniques to help clients see more opportunities for their brands.  Our approach is informed by ethnographic principles and a commitment to tapping into ‘real’ situations over artificial environments.


Cultural tracking
Insight into future trends. Using social theory, social media listening and grounded intelligence, to avoid the echo chamber of heavily advertised categories and reveal emergent spaces in culture, more quickly. Click here for a case study.

Technical observation
Using remote cameras and passive observation to capture real behaviour in fine detail. Relevant for product innovation and behaviour change. Click here for a case study.

Market-leading ethnography, to both observe and interrogate consumers’ lives and to understand different environments from the home, to work and social spaces. This includes both offline and online worlds. Click here for a case study.

To tap into the wider context of peoples’ lives, we also employ mobile ethnography, capturing a rich stream of ‘in the moment’ behaviour recorded from respondent’s mobile. Click here for a case study.

Online Communities
When a subject matter needs exploring in an open, semi-structured way, allowing participants to take ideas forward and evolve them naturally. Specific techniques include online communities, self moderated groups and semi-structured IDIs. Click here for a case study.

Research Groups
A more structured form of research, to test ideas and concepts amongst groups and individuals.

Whilst we offer standard groups, we also offer Gallery Groups  –  a more observational form of groups. Respondents are allowed to roam freely amongst a bank of image stimulus, enabling us to capture the way people react to stimulus on an instinctive and social level. Click here for a case study.


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