We build Brand Momentum by pushing at the boundaries of research – developing new methodologies, speaking with unexpected people, asking surprising questions and incorporating the latest technology in our work. Drawn from a deep appreciation of commercial strategy, the latest thinking on marketing and the social sciences.

This gives you the insights that your competitors don’t have. And the impetus to grow.

Our work covers 4 areas:

1. Brand.

Competitive advantage is in the brand. So when it loses relevance, Momentum stalls.

Our clients come to us to rediscover their brand’s edge, to connect with consumers the world over. We’ve developed specialist apps to capture and tag brands’ visual footprints, and immersed ourselves everywhere from bathrooms to truckstops to identify brand insights. We create a bespoke approach for each project in order to provide fresh, strategic understanding of the brand opportunity. Click here for the Life Buoy / Shell Rimula case study.

2. Comms development.

From writing the brief to fine-tuning the execution, there are many places comms development needs an injection of momentum.

Memorable and distinctive comms require bold vision and delicate handling; this is why many creative agencies and clients trust us with their comms development. Our immersive methodologies draw out the insight, allowing our film and photography to tell the story in an inspiring way for creatives. Once the idea is ready for development our bespoke ‘Gallery Groups’ methodology steers the insight from early iteration to fully-fledged creative execution. Click here for the DFT and Finlandia case study.

3. Innovation.

So many brands run out of momentum because their new ideas sound a lot like their old ideas.

We don’t like old ideas, so we avoid what you’ve already tried and where you’ve looked. Then we’ll design an approach that brings fresh insights – whether that’s through speaking with different people or asking different questions to inform your innovation pipeline. We work through the innovation process – from sparking new ideas to refining and directing existing ones. Some of our clients do innovation the ‘agile’ way, so we have designed a research approach to support innovation sprints, compressing the time it takes to move from problem to consumer approved solution. Click here for the Telefonica case study.

4. Customer Journeys.

Without Momentum, brands struggle to convert consideration to purchase.

Customer journeys are complex, with multiple channels, interactions and influencers coming together across a process that is often driven by seemingly irrational choices and behaviours.

This is why we always work hard to bring our clients as close to the full picture as possible, whether this is through tracking the journey in real time as it unfolds, or digging into the motivations and drivers that sit behind the journey before it even begins.  Our approach ensures that you can understand the influences that are at play, every step of the way, from initial consideration through to final purchase. Click here for the Mercedes-Benz case study.


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