We build Brand Momentum by pushing at the boundaries of research – developing new methodologies, speaking with unexpected people, asking surprising questions and incorporating the latest technology in our work. Drawn from a deep appreciation of commercial strategy, the latest thinking on marketing and the social sciences.

This gives you the insights that your competitors don’t have, and the impetus to grow.

Our work covers 5 areas:



There’s a tension in marketing today between the idea of going broad and creating marketing that appeals to all, and the idea of going hyper-narrow and personalising every product, proposition and piece of communication. At BAMM, we help navigate this tension by working with clients to build audiences that are fit for purpose, from global segmentations to local audience strategies. Have a look at how we investigated the audience for Shell Rimula and how we helped Lifebouy understand its audience in the context of culture.



Creating brand momentum means identifying and responding to changing consumer needs faster than the competition. From building the overarching brand proposition, to mapping innovation opportunities, BAMM’s approach to unlocking consumer needs is embedded in the richness of consumers’ lives, and the changing cultural context within which they live. Our creative approach to research and data, and our unique ways of building insights that catch fire through organisations, creates speed to market for our clients. Have a look at how we assisted Telefonica in understand consumer needs around mental wellbeing.




Creating a customer experience that both builds brand receptivity, and facilitates efficient conversion is critical for driving brand momentum in today’s complex marketing environment. Never has it been so important to balance brand building and conversion activities in the right way, leverage moments of consumer impact, and develop smart and effective touchpoint strategies. BAMM maps consumer decisions, across digital and non-digital ecosystems, using our unique combination of deep ethnography, behavioural science, and data analysis. Click to see how we built a picture of the after-sales journey for Mercedes-Benz.


Whether it’s grabbing consumer attention in the complex media environment, or building brand memories that last, the science is abundantly clear: strong marketing communications are built on the power of emotion. BAMM helps clients build content and communications with impact by uncovering the emotions tied to consumers’ identities, the category, and how the human mind works. We use our deep ethnography approach, combined with leading edge behavioural science and intelligent data analysis to unlock emotional insights that create momentum.




To build marketing that works, bringing the consumer view in early and often is critical. At BAMM we have a suite of approaches to test the range of different marketing outputs – from brand propositions, to products, to distribution design, to communications. For example, our proprietary Gallery Groups approach gets under the skin of consumers’ unspoken feelings of clients’ marketing materials. Used globally, we create consistency and truth to enable clients to test their work, learn, and adapt. Have a look here at how we explored communications territories for Finlandia.


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